ATX on-board computer

As a haulier, you want to focus as much as possible on your core business: the transportation of goods. Due to all the accompanying administrative tasks – such as drawing up transport orders, paying salaries and planning – this is sometimes challenging. The ATX on-board computer is the solution. Automation of the information flows between driver and home base will save you a lot of time and money. In addition, you will always have an up-to-date overview of the status of your fleet and the performances of your drivers.

On the one hand, the ATX on-board computer saves you a lot of time and money by optimising your business processes and on the other hand, you are being offered unique opportunities to even better serve your customers.

All this makes the purchase of a Vehco on-board computer a clever investment in company optimisation and process management.

Android Telematics Exchange

The ATX on-board computer uses the Android operating system (ATX stands for Android Telematics Exchange). This offers you freedom in determining the hardware and software combination. This flexibility offers you an on-board computer that can be fully adapted to your business situation and needs. Even if your system is already operational, you can still select a different configuration. In other words, you are not bound to one particular configuration. And that can only be a good thing, with the rapidly changing transport environment and all the developments in quick succession in the field of ICT.

The ATX on-board computer supports businesses in the optimisation of vehicle, fleet and transport management. 

Your benefits



Real-time monitoring of your entire fleet

  • Track & trace, communication, time sheets and driving hours assistant
  • Reduction of non-productive hours, anticipation, optimum 
    planning and shorter delivery times



Full TMS integration (of both Vehco and external suppliers)

  • Optimum use of people and resources
  • Fleet optimisation options



Connection with digital tachograph

  • Remote mass memory download
  • Signing on with driver's pass (no extra card needed)



CAN bus connection for analysis of your drivers' style of driving

  • Fuel-cost control thanks to monitoring and benchmarking
  • Coaching in the truck and monitoring at the home base



  • Modular software (can be expanded with truck navigation, scanning and printing
     in the cabin, camera and telephony)
  • Several configurations; stand-alone, with tablet or fixed monitor



Continuous synchronisation between home base and fleet

  • Always the correct data at your disposal
  • No time loss due to the manual entry of time sheets and transport orders


Modular concept: Easy to install and extend


Fully modular configuration of hardware and software


Installation is easy thanks to the standard DIN format


The on-board computer can be extended with Android apps from Vehco or various other certified providers

Different versions

Thanks to its modular nature, the ATX on-board computer is available in various versions. This means that Vehco has the right solution for any application. The ATX on-board computer can be extended with a 7” monitor with touch screen. Instead of the fixed screen, you can also select an Android tablet, giving you all the benefits of an on-board computer and the flexibility of mobile equipment. The ATX on-board computer is available in the following configurations:

  • ATX on-board computer without a monitor
  • ATX on-board computer with a fixed monitor, optionally extended with an Android tablet
  • ATX on-board computer in combination with an Android tablet
  • ATX CharterApp for your charters (connecting your charters to your home base via an Android app, without hardware)

The great benefit is that you do not have to choose between fixed or mobile in this phase of your decision making process. For each business unit you select the configuration that currently fits the requirements and needs of the business unit concerned. Will there be a different customer requirement tomorrow? You can adapt the configuration without any problem.