ATX CharterApp, the mobile version of the on-board computer

The ATX CharterApp is the ideal solution for monitoring and controlling charters in the same way as your own fleet equipped with ATX on-board computers. 

When it comes to communication, providing information, transport orders and planning, it offers major benefits to integrate charters into the work processes as well. Through real-time integration of this information, both planning and financial processes can be optimised. 

ATX CharterApp for Android device

The ATX CharterApp can be installed on any suitable Android device. The look & feel is identical of the ATX on-board computer. Moreover, the ATX CharterApp offers the same features for exchanging transport orders, messaging, planning, et cetera. It is easy to integrate the ATX CharterApp into your HT environment.

atx_charteapp.jpgThe ATX charterapp can be installed on any modern Android device.

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