Driving style analysis

Save costs and reduce emissions

One of the most significant costs of a transport company is fuel. The driving style analysis application on the ATX on-board computer helps reducing fuel consumption by making drivers aware of their driving behaviour and the truck's fuel consumption. The driver is able to change his driving behaviour immediately.

In addition to cost savings in fuel, adaptation of the driving style also results in lower maintenance costs.

While driving, the driver will get the following feedback:

  • Average speed
  • Average consumption
  • Number of brake actions
  • Distance in kilometres
  • Consumption in litres
  • Running idle
  • An average score based on predetermined parameters

In addition to showing his own results on the ATX on-board computer, the driver can also use the application to compare his results to those of his colleagues.


driver performance 1.jpg

Driver performance module on the ATX on-board computer.


rijstijlanalyse 1.pngDriving style analysis at the home base.


rijstijlanalyse 2.png

Thanks to trend analysis you can see at a glance how well your fleet is performing.


Fuel management coach

In order to get the most out of the driving style analysis, we have a permanent Fuel Management Coach who will help you with the analysis of the collected vehicle data and provide a monthly progress report. The Fuel Management Coach will also visit you each quarter for an evaluation and optimisation of the system.