Truck navigation

Know your way around anywhere, without an additional screen

Truck navigation on the ATX on-board computer

In cooperation with BeNomad, Vehco offers high quality and modern navigation software for the ATX on-board computer. This truck navigation has a number of practical functions such as Corridor Fencing and Geofencing and both real-time and statistical traffic situation data. The truck navigation system takes into account the general limitations for trucks and guides your drivers to their destinations via the most efficient route. When creating a vehicle profile, truck-specific limitations such as height, weight and load can also be taken into account. Unnecessary detours, extra fuel consumption and CO2 emission can be prevented in this way. Naturally, this route navigation is linked to the transport orders on the ATX on-board computer.

Route navigation 

In addition, it is possible to include routes after a software extension, process them at the home base and then play them in a vehicle. When processing the route, it is also possible to place remarks that support the driver when he drives the route. This function is used, for instance, for domestic waste collection and repetitive shop distribution.


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