Transport orders

Clear overview of transport orders via ATX on-board computer

Once the planner has processed the transport order in the planning tool, the work of the driver starts. By means of a coupling between the planning tool and the ATX on-board computer, it is possible to send transport orders to the truck. Transport orders with address data and detailed information are immediately available to the driver. By using recognisable symbols, the driver is able to see at one glance what has to be done. With the optional navigation application, it is possible to navigate directly to the loading or unloading address on the basis of the transport order.

vervoersopdrachten 1.pngOverview of transport orders on the ATX on-board computer. 

vervoersopdrachten 2.pngDetails of the transport order on the ATX on-board computer.

Direct overview of the status of the transport order

Within a transport order, the driver can indicate by means of the same recognisable symbols where he, and therefore the load, is located, so that the planning office can inform the customer of the status. With the online VPweb module, the customer is able to view the status of the transport order himself.

VPweb 1.pngTransport orders transparent for the customer thanks to VPweb.