Manually entering the drivers' time sheets into the system is a time consuming activity with a considerable likelihood of mistakes. When using HT CLA, this will behistory. The process of having the hours accounted by the driver and then transferring this information to your salary processing package can be fully automated by means of this module. Obviously, there are sufficient checking and correction possibilities. In this way you will save a lot of time and money when it comes to administration. Moreover, the probability of errors is reduced significantly. Numerous transport companies in the Netherlands and surrounding countries have streamlined their financial administration with this module.

The HT CLA module has the following striking properties

  • The web-based HT CLA module enables you to prepare the recorded hours quickly and easily for the payment of salaries
  • The user friendly dashboard provides you with a full overview of the activities performed by the drivers
  • Thanks to the link with salary packages such as AFAS, ADP, Loket, Unit4 and many other market standards, paying out salaries will be easy for you
  • The automatic salary payments take place in accordance with the collective agreement of the haulage sector (CLA), complemented with your own agreements, if applicable
  • Reports meet the requirements of the Dutch Trade Union Federation (FNV)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a demonstration free from any obligation.

HT CAO 1.png

HT CLA at the home base.

HT CAO 2.pngClear overview of all hours worked during a period in PDF format.