HT Driver Performance

Groeneveld HT Driver Performance enables you to check driver performances and fuel consumption better and to intervene and correct where necessary. By optimising the driving performances of your drivers, you are able to save on fuel and maintenance. This does not only save money but also reduces environmental impact.

When there is a FMS connection in the vehicle, no additional hardware apart from the ATX board computer is required, making it easy to implement HT Driver Performance.

The principle of the module is simple. Motor management data is sent to the HT home base periodically. Trucks and cars can be subdivided into groups to provide more clarity. Each group can be differentiated when it comes to the data that you want. Connect a standard value and a weighting factor to the data and you are ready. We can support you in this with our experienced fuel management coach.

The collected information is shown in an easy to read dashboard. This dashboard shows the results of both the vehicles and the drivers. The data can be shown in groups and separately.

Benefits of HT Driver Performance

fuel-savings.png Lower fuel consumption
save-money.png Cost savings
environmental.png Lower environmental impact


driver performance 1.jpgDriver performance module on the ATX on-board computer.


rijstijlanalyse 1.pngDriving style analysis at the home base.

Trend analysis in HT Driver Performance

In order to get more grip on your fuel costs, Groeneveld ICT Solutions added a trend analysis to its fuel management system, HT Driver Performance. This function enables you to monitor the progress of your drivers' driving style better.

rijstijlanalyse 2.pngThanks to trend analysis you can see at a glance how well your fleet is performing.

In a user-friendly way, the trend analysis shows for each period on which aspects progress has been made (↑) and whether improvements can still be made (↓). The colours indicate whether the required target per KPI has been met.

Fuel management coach

In order to get the most out of the driving style analysis, we have a Fuel Management Coach who will help you with the analysis of the collected vehicle data and provide a periodic progress report. The Fuel Management Coach will also visit you each quarter for an evaluation and optimisation of the system.