Flexible and user-friendly Transport Management System

RoadRunner is a modular Transport Management System that supports the business processes of logistics service providers. From order administration and rate management to fleet management and packing materials registration.

For many years, RoadRunner has proven itself as a highly stable, flexible and user-friendly Transport Management System for logistics automation. It is used by a large number of transport companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. RoadRunner continues to develop and therefore adapts to the increasing requirements and needs of the transportation market.

Modern communication systems and links with on-board computers ensure that you can also keep the mobile part of your company fully under control. Up-to-date and reliable reports are offered by the Qlikview dashboard. This enables you to make detailed adjustments in an alert and flexible way.

Delivery reliability is paramount for our customers. RoadRunner is a perfect tool to achieve the highest delivery reliability as possible. The system records a lack of activity in real-time and will alarm you actively, if necessary. Costly unplanned delays on loading and unloading locations are immediately established as a result and invoiced if required. The integrated packing materials registration offered on the on-board computer, which is fully integrated into the app, will also give you a return on investment in the short term.

By means of the very extensive rate module, issues such as surcharges and additional costs are automated without any problem. Your operational purchase obligations are also easily recorded with the standard rate function. After approval, for which the transport order on the on-board computer can also play a major role, the orders are invoiced, digital or analogue, in accordance with the layout requirement of your customer. Then, the invoices can be processed digitally in market standard financial systems. Developments and innovations in the field of finance are adapted in cooperation with our partner AFAS and periodically included in our development roadmap. For this, Vehco and AFAS have agreed upon a strategic partnership.

RoadRunner follows universal world standards and is therefore easy to integrate into other packages. In addition, RoadRunner is often combined with Vehco's graphic planning tool Visual Planner.