Visual Planner

With the Visual Planner planning tool, the company will get a maximum return from each transport order. The package stimulates the planner to create cleverly planned journeys. The planner works on screens that can be subdivided into clear sections, while the system makes the calculations on distances, driving hours, costs and returns. As a result of continuous vehicle communication, each mutation is processed in real time and the route will be updated, taking into account, for instance, customer requirements, time windows and loading and unloading opportunities.

Via the on-board computer, the driver receives the transport orders in the correct sequence. The planner is able to view the state of each transport order in real time.

Visual Planner minimises the often hectic telephone traffic between the planning department, the clients and the drivers. The planner will get more time to focus on his core tasks, which means that the work process is streamlined. Visual Planner is seamlessly integrated with RoadRunner TMS and the ATX on-board computer.

Compartment Planning with Visual Planner Tank & Bulk

With the Tank & Bulk module, a planner can subdivide his rolling stock into various compartments, which may also have deviating capacities. This capacity becomes visible while planning (with a clear view on previous loads). Based on the previous loads, the contamination inspection is performed automatically, if required.

The planner is also supported in the automated partitioning of the load. Application areas for this module are, for instance, animal feed, fuel, wet or dry bulk sectors.

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visual planner 1.pngGet the most out of each transport order with Visual Planner.