VPweb customer portal

VPweb is the link between the logistics service provider and the customer. It links order information and real time vehicle information, by means of an online customer portal.

With VPweb, you can digitally link your customers to your business processes. Import your orders or have them imported by customers, have orders monitored and share transport documents, photos and consignment notes with your customers. Customers are also able to see and retrieve vehicle positions or vehicle and journey overviews. Everything in real time, transparent and reliable. Your information is also the information of the customer. As a result, information can be permanently available online.

VPweb can be seamlessly integrated with other Vehco products. In addition, VPweb can be linked to your existing systems. VPweb is developed fully in-house, making implementation easy. This will give your automation a dynamic and uniform customer portal that is available 24/7.

VPweb 1.png

With the VPweb customer portal, the customer always has the correct information at his disposal.

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